Restaurants to visit in Lonavala


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The Kinara Village Dhaba is one of the most famous restaurants in Lonavala and has a good reputation because of the tasty food, great atmosphere, and friendly staff that they have. If you’re visiting Lonavala, don’t forget to stop by and try their mouth-watering food! They’ve got 3 cuisines – Indian, Chinese & Tandoor. 

Our Food Recommendation:  Mutton Malwandi Handi

Mapro Garden

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Mahabaleshwar in Lonavala? Yes, that’s right! Everybody’s favourite place to go to in Mahabaleshwar is also in our very own Lonavala. Although it’s not as big as the original one, their food and drinks are still as delicious! Bonus points for their kid’s area!

Our Food Recommendation: Italian Delight Pizza

Parsi Dhaba

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If you’re looking for some authentic Parsi and Dhaba-style food, look no further! Parsi Dhaba, located in Della Resort has the most delicious food to offer. Parsi-style eggs to Dhabha style chicken, they have it all. Bonus points for their Nitrogen Ice-Cream! It’s a little on the expensive side, but the food is worth it!

Our Food Recommendation: Dhaba Chicken Masala


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If you’re looking for a multi-cuisine restaurant, Picadore is just the restaurant for you. They’ve got everything you need, from Pizzas to Pav-Bhaji! Your tastebuds will surely be happy with their food. 

Our Food Recommendation: Pasta Salad

Maval Maratha

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Maval Maratha has some of the best thali and homely Maharashtrian food to offer. Who can say no to a tasty mutton thali or a Veg thali! They also have very tasty starters to choose from.

Our Food Recommendation: Pandra Rassa

Lonavala Staycation: Things to do


Everybody loves hill stations, and who hasn’t heard of Lonavala? If you’re planning to visit Lonavala for your next staycation, we’ve got a list of things for you to do. So pack your bags and get ready to have a fun-filled vacation. 

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Scenic Spots

Lonavala Lake

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If you’re an adventurous person who likes a beautiful view, a quiet place, and a fun time, you have to visit Lonavala Lake. You can go boating and jet skiing at an affordable price.

Lions Point

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Nature lovers will absolutely love this view from Lions Point. You can enjoy the view of the Sahayadri mountain range while munching on some pakodas and corn. There are quite a few food stalls around to satisfy your appetite.

Oivas Waterfalls

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This hidden gem in Lonavala called Oivas Waterfalls is a breathtaking sight that you shouldn’t miss especially in the rainy season. 

Kune Falls

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This famous spot in Lonavala gets all the attention from nature lovers because of its beauty. Don’t miss out on this one!

Street Shopping

Lonavala Bazaar

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This Bazaar in Lonavala has everything you need. From household supplies to groceries, you’ll get everything under one roof!

Gugale Purse Factory

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Are you someone who absolutely loves bags? If the answer is yes, then this place is perfect for you! This famous purse factory has everything from bags to wallets. Do check this one out!

Bakerally & Sons

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This family gift store won’t disappoint you. From the moment you enter the store till you leave, you’ll surely have a smile on your face cause of the friendly staff!

Maganlal & Sons Main Shop

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The most famous chikki store in Lonavala. Take home some delicious chikki for everyone to enjoy!


Della Adventure Park

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Go dirt-bike riding, play some paintball, shoot some arrows (archery) and just have fun!

Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum

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If you can’t meet your favorite celebrity in the flesh, the next best option is to meet their wax sculptures! From Amitabh Bachchan to Mr. Bean, you’ll get to see really well-made celebrity wax sculptures here!

Bhaja Caves

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Visit these beautiful, ancient Buddhist Caves in Lonavala! 


Unforgettable Vignanello garden tour in Lazio

Our villa in Lazio is a great place to discover and enjoy the water life – beachfront, mountains and lots of fresh air. However, if you also want to some some magnificent places of gardens, you’ll love the garden tour near our Lazio’s villa.

A rewarding half-day trip from Bolsena, this labyrinth of immaculately clipped box hedges has resisted the vagaries of garden fashion to come down to us unchanged from the early 17th century. Sounds quite attractive for you, isn’t it?

Hidden in the 12 parterres are the initials of the garden’s founder, Ottavia Orsini, and her sons. The current owner is simpatica Princess Claudia Ruspoli, personally guides visitors around the garden which she has restored and put into her work a lot of passion. Tours, which also take in her castle home, Castello Ruspoli, take place on Sundays from April to the end of October.

Groups can visit by appointment at other times too.

Special discounts for Italian castles tour!

There is something special about Italian castles and you can see it with your own eyes! And if you stay in one of our villas, we have something very interesting to offer you – we have partnered up with several tour operators and are ready to provide you with some special discount offers.

One of the most exhellent tours is Castello di Torrechiara – Torrechiara it is a wonderful castle with an incredible view close to Parma and Piacenza. Lady HAWKE with Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Auger was shoot here and you will recognize a lot of spots if you know well the movie.

Another castle you can visit it Castello di Rivalta – The castle and the medieval village belong to the Zanardy Landi family, a branch of the Landi familily that owns the castle since the 13 th century.The castle is open for guided tours – you can visit the honour room , dining room, copper kitchen , wine cellar, prisons, bedrooms,tower realized by Pietro Antonio Solari.

One more beautiful castle is Rocchetta Mattei – a very interesting and mysterious castle. This castle was built in 10th century by Dr. Mattei, a very strange doctor: he was interested and expert in alternative medicine as well in occultism so the castle is full of symbols related to different religions and to Freemasonry.

All of these castles are close to you if you stay in our villa and book a tour with us.


Places of interest near summer villa Emilia

Our summer villa Emilia is located in Emilia-Romagna region in Italy – and this is a beautiful place to explore! Apart awesome coastline and nature, there are lots of historical places you can visit.

Everything depends on your tastes – for example, if you are interested in Bologna food experience, you might be interested in visiting factory with Gourmet Lunch and Wine Tasting: here you’ll follow your senses on a full-day culinary tour of Bologna’s famous food region!
If you are a lover of local factories and family-run producers, you have a chance to look behind-the-scenes look at the creation of products enjoyed around the world, including Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Modena balsamic vinegar, prosciutto and wine.

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Celebrate Lucca Summer Festival with us

Despite great locations, we provide transfer and programs to all local events! This time, you should celebrate it with us. We’ll also send you the line-up so you can be sure you’ll definitely love it.

The festival will last for 3 months in Tuscan Town!

Three months of high-quality music are expecting for music fans! This year, the names that confirmed their participation made all music lovers go crazy, nevermind what music they love, from classical music to R&B to pop.

Here are some of the names from the line-up: Mary J. Blige, Ennio Morricone, Imagine Dragons, Ms Lauryn Hill, and, drum roll… The Rolling Stones! Visit the website to see on what dates your favorite artists are playing, and hurry up, rent our villa and be prepared to get your tickets!

Lazio or Campania: which location is best for your stay?

Dreaming about a beautiful vacation in one of the Italy’s destinations? Want to find a perfect villa for you? We allow you book a villa in any of these places and even more. And where to stay depends on your interests and budget. If you are not attached to any specific event and just want to find the best place to rest, swim and enjoy, people always find it hard to choose between Lazio and Campania where we have 2 villas – Bastilicata Grande and Casa Aurora.

Let’s now list the main things to consider when choosing a plugin? People are searching for meanings, let’s find yours. So, what about a villa in Lazio?

Lazio, which gets its name from “Latium,” has sandy beaches along the coast and hills and small mountains further inland. It’s home to famous lakes, like Bracciano and Albano; the lovely Castelli Romani hills; medieval towns and Renaissance gardens. So, if you are searching for some places of historical interest in one bunch with a great sea and mountains resort, Lazio is the best for you.

But what about Campania? If you’re looking for a taste of sun-soaked south, but don’t have time for more than a day or weekend trip from Rome or Florence. Or, you want this stay in villa just to be the next step in your trip.

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