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If you own a holiday home, you’re sitting on a gold mine! Instead of leaving it locked and empty, list it with Limestays for FREE. Holiday-makers are looking for properties just like yours so you will earn good money as a Limestays host. We will do our best to ensure that you get timely payments and that guests treat your property (and therefore you!) with respect.

Am I protected?

Of course! With Limestays, YOU are in full control of your property’s availability, house rules and exceptions (e.g. no pets or children). You can also choose how you interact with guests – in person or through a caretaker. Best of all, our team takes your safety as well as the safety of your home and your belongings very seriously – always. Contact us at +91 7887658218 or for more information.

Are guests genuine?

Without doubt! Limestays requires all guests to provide identity and contact information such as a confirmed phone number and current email address before they can complete a reservation. This is to verify and confirm that all guests are genuine before they even set foot on your property!

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List your property for free

Signing up with Limestays is completely free, regardless of your property type, location or size. No upfront charges and no advance payments! All we take is a miniscule 3-5% of your listing price per booking.


Decide how you want to host

When will your property be available? What are the included facilities (e.g. kitchen with full-time cook)? How many guests can it host? What are your house rules? Do guests need to know about any exceptions? Choose whatever works for you and let us know. We will help smooth the process and make it hassle-free!


Say Hello to your guests

Once your Limestays listing is live, guests will be able to reach out to you for more information or to make bookings through our site. You can communicate with them and let them know why you’re an awesome host!

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